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SkyDrive Usable?

SDElogoSkyDrive and its 25GB of storage is getting more usable thanks to ‘Skydrive Explorer’.

I came across this really impressive application the other day and it really gets Windows Live SkyDrive one step closer to becoming a great online tool.  One of the problems with Skydrive in the past is there has been no easy way to incorporate it and easily get your files uploaded.

Skydrive Explorer ( has come up with a solution that is easy to install and use. Here is the review from their site:

SkyDrive Explorer is a free, easy-to-use, but very powerful extension for Windows Explorer. With SkyDrive Explorer you can make any every-day operations with your documents from Microsoft Live SkyDrive™ service using Windows Explorer, as if they were on your computer.

Moreover you don’t need to install and configure any additional programs or ActiveX components. SkyDrive Explorer will organize the interaction with the online storage itself.

Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer

In short when you install this application it will create a virtual folder in your Windows Explorer…

When you first set this up you will be required to provide your Windows Live username and password.  After that you will be able to use this like any local drive with a few exceptions which I will cover shortly.

Follow are the listed features for the product:

  • View the structure and contents of folders in SkyDrive™;
  • View files information (type, size, creation date in GMT format);
  • Create new root folders and subfolders;
  • Copy files into the storage;
  • Delete files and folders;
  • Copy files from the storage to the computer;
  • Copy folders and subfolders from the storage to the computer keeping their structure;
  • Use Drag & Drop for files operations;
  • Rename files and folders;
  • Create links to SkyDrive™ folders on your computer.

So whats missing?

I sent the developers a note telling them what a great product I thought this was, and what I thought would be cool in their next release.  The only thing that I think they have left out is the ability to use applications like Microsoft SyncToy to sync folders and files to your SkyDrive.  Currently SyncToy does not recognize the virtual folder so you must drag and drop your files.  If this one functionality could be incorporated this would be a really smoking tool.

SkyDrive Explorer is still in Beta and I have great hopes for it in the months to come.  It is by far one of the best tools I have come across. If you decide to use it, please consider making a donation as we need this kind on innovation in our lives.

Posted by Rob Truman - November 3, 2009 at 9:28 am

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